Best Free Quizizz Hack

School Cheats has the best methods of getting answers for your Quizizz games. There are two methods of getting answers, one is to use the game code and the other is to use the link.

Tool to get answers

There are not a lot of tools that enable you to get answers for Quizizz games. Students can now get answers to almost any session or online game. Our tool is one of the few that allow you to get private quizizz answers for free.

Tool to send Quizizz bots

School Cheats Quizizz cheat has special features, including Quizizz flood bots. A student that has bought a premium subscription starting as low as $5 can send up to 500 bots to their Quizizz game.

Tool to kick Quizizz players

Dislike a certain player in your Quizizz game? School Cheats Quizizz hack allows you to kick any player in your Quizizz game that you'd like, this feature is alongside the premium subscription that starts as low as $5.

How do I use it?

It's very easy, visit schoolcheats.net, go to the dashboard and select which platform you'd like to cheat on. You will see a super simple interface where you can use all of our features.

What is it?

Quizizz Hack is used to spam bots, get answers & flood Quizizz games. Be the best in your class and win Quizizz games easily! Most key features are completely free and only require logging in and joining our Discord. It's safe and easy!